Saturday, 5 September 2015


Today I will be again on a travel, stepping out of my fridge. I posted an iReport on this as even being in stasis I have communication running. I am more lucky as Commander Powell of Dark Star who has to wait until someone comes and speaks with him in the cryogenic ice chamber. You know from the movie it is Lt. Doolittle who talks with him about "The Bomb" that did not want to listen for new commands. Commander Powel said: "speak with the bomb, tell her phenomenology to stop her from counting down".
Unfortunately, Doolittle has mistakenly taught the bomb Cartesian doubt and, as a result, Bomb #20 determines that it can only trust itself and not external input. [Wikipedia]
So don’t trust external input and come with your avatar at 11.00 PDT SLT to the Art Gallery at sim Roissy Val DuOise. 

Who will be presented? Psst, you have to read ... and don´t tell others before you are there as the sim might be full and you can´t  enter then.

Here is the link to Relay of Life in SL mentioned in the iReport.

In case you meet my nurse Cassie Parker (nanki Hendes) wearing the legendary Dark Side of The Moon tattoo by TuTys ask her for a landmark for her first performance “9/11 Ground Zero” on Thursday, Sept. 10th, 7 PM PDT and get in rez Magazine a picture what will come up in her performance now 14 years after the attack.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Waiting for MOSES

What has THE MOON and MOSES in common? Why has Linden Lab decided not to upgrade Second Life? If software is no longer upgraded it will be gone in some time even when the manufacturer says "it will stay as it is for long". The name of the new Second Life will be SANSAR and things will be different, have to be different. So what happens with all the Art made by the inhabitants, by users, by creative minds in Second Life? That’s the idea of THE MOON. To care for these works "outside" - ON THE MOON.

And the idea of MOSES? 

An iReport I published was taken down as it happens recently often with sensitive stuff. MOSES stands for Military Metaverse. So I made a different posting smoothing things. Just click on the iReport that is no longer online and you get the other version - in terms of SL the PG rated one.  What makes me think strange is when you pass the threshold of seven readers news may become a threat. Fletchers visions starring Mel Gibson, you remember? As he was about to get subscriber No. 8 he was hunted down and all the seven readers of course! But that is Science Fiction, what I write about are facts ...

Waiting for MOSES

Tomorrow a new chapter in Opensim performance will be opened. There is a trick as you can´t really improve the opensimulator software keeping it compatible to old versions. The roots reach back to 2007 - in informatics quite a long time. In 2003 Philip Rosedal placed a software package called Second Life on-stage. He used components developed by Berkeley. That’s why Second Life was for long open source, to download by everyone, set under BSD license [Berkeley Software Distribution]. Linden Lab added the payment technology, that’s why you don’t get the code any longer. But opensimulator just comes without the Linden payments. That´s the deal. This type of virtual worlds will not end to run as long as operating systems like Windows and Linux will run even in some years by emulators and virtual machines.
I copy the first words, spoken tomorrow by the stage director, guiding through the performance at Hypergrid Net – Metropolis grid sim Futurelab:

Today we open a new chapter in time travel. Not only one chapter, indeed we open two. And both are unique. You will write history. With TRUEDEATH VOYAGE the brand new agency licenced by TSNKO himself you have the chance of the True Death and to witness the Resurrection of Art Blue. Wear your insurance police at left upper arm all the time. I will outline all the security stuff later. …”

Sure it is a theatre, but you would have said “it is just a theatre” to many products and ideas that came to market some short years ago, like Oculus Rift, or even to smartphones some five years ago, or to the Google car which has a - why not to say a - supercomputer inside. I was in the so called supercomputer business 30 years ago at Control Data. A supercomputer in 1985 needed a space like a dancing hall and the power consumption was huge. A supercomputer now is small and can be beautifully designed like the Apple watch and fits in every pocket.

But in opensimulator a supercomputer does not bring the “big bang”. The code is old, made for Windows XP. Now MOSES has stopped to bring new versions they develop back to the opensimulator group. MOSES: Military Open Simulator Enterprise Strategy moves aside, goes its own way in walkable virtual worlds. The task is to break the bottleneck of Avatars able to walk, to run and to fly in one region. To have 20 or 30 soldiers alive in a virtual world or even up to 70 is not enough; it needs a new way of code.

So a work around has to be found in opensimulator as the art community feels at home inside this software. And – we made it. Standing on one region looking into the other, to scene-in, to be in-stage is the new way. You need two regions, two sims, two simulators, placed in a grid structure as neighbors and up you go.

Join on Wednesday, Sept. 2nd at 12.00 PM PDT, which is GMT 20.00 and be there. Join in facebook the group Hypergrid Safari to get on your way ...

Of course the art world waits for MOSES, a simulator having no boundaries. Who being a stage director would not like to have 200 visitors or 2,000 or 2,000,0000 or let’s say “the world” where everyone is in-stage but also is free to roam around as freedom counts in virtual worlds.

Thursday, 16 July 2015


What a lucky happening. This lady was truely scared as she saw me, but luckily she is a nurse in a high tech environment and understands my problem. I am in covered under artic ice so I need some technical equipment to communicate.

At Metropolis, an installment by Gem Preiz

Wednesday, 15 July 2015


Today something weird happend. I was told some code "of me" was transfered by using the Meles II transport system, keeping me stable for a while as I was in real at Giovanna Cerise´s installment Tristan and Isolde in Italy. Believe it or not. There is evidence.
And a pre-sighting was posted to me. First I was not sure if this is Art Blue - check it out by yourself ... , but then as I saw his self made shoes, I think the evidence is getting stronger and stronger ...
Taken at Caribean sim Tristan & Isolde by Giovanna Cerise, July 15, 2015

Thursday, 25 June 2015


To everyone on my friendslist ...

On June 29th I will face CODE64 which stands in my stories for the last day of life. The LEA grant ends on June 30, but you know on world time I have to die one day before, so 29th shall it be. You will get an invitation when I head to the Equilibrium. The article CODE64 in SPACE will be printed in rez Magazine when I don’t exist any longer. Grab a copy as a booklet at the MOONREZZER landing point at LEA14 now or read in ISSUU as a booklet PDF.

You get an umbrella with some magic in it when visiting me on the Moon for a photo. See the umbrella as a memory of old Art and use it whenever you want to wash old dust away. The umbrella and the script inside you get full perm for your personal use, don’t give it away. It is for you to color it nicely and to bring it to the end-of-day performance on June 29th.

There are not many days left to see the Moon at LEA14 in action before the installment moves to opensimulator to be kept there in an art museum. 

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish
Art Blue

Friday, 5 June 2015


THE DICE has it all in a short play:

  • The chat driven theatre - we invented for the hypergrid net, first performed in Metropolis Grid in 2013.
  • TAGREZ: The change of Art on Approach - we invented for SL in 2008 and showed in St. Cavallier Malta in 2009.
  • INFINITE WALLS: The change of a set on a tag, in short words TAGREZ for sculptures.
  • SINGLE PRIM Holders: Avatars or Bots holding an installment as an stable attachment [on Root] to extend the prim limit in dramatic ways
  • FROZEN PRIM: keeping an installment made for SL in opengrids alive for generateion by setting up a frozen server and frozen viewer.
  • VVJ: Virtual VJ Quantum claims to shows visual art driven by brainwaves as an Avatar or bot avatar.
  • Character in a prim: Plutarch Heavens, the game maker.
  • Out of border seating: A ladder outside the sim with 12 spots at LEA16 was provided [distance 120 meter]. It is also called Public view. Published for the Grand Opening on May 7th

[all concepts and ways to do as well as the scripts and technologies are set under MIT/open license]

THE DICE was performed on Thursday, 4th June 2015 1.00 PM PDT at LEA14. The following persons got a ticket and  have been present:

Jami Mills, chief editor of rezmagazine
Cassie Parker [nanki Hendes], creative director of rezmagazine
PatriciaAnne Daviau, liaison officer for Linden Endowment for the Arts
Arrehn Oberlander, developer of Metaharper camera flight system
WizardOz Chrome, machinima maker for the Moon
Juliette [Surreal Dreaming], Art curator and journaliste of Roissy Val d´Oise
Moewe Winkler, LEA artist and creator of the speaking DaDa fish on the Moon: “The Fisch”
OVΣ [TheDove Rhode], artist holding a life award for admiring The Moon
Mario [Mario2 Helstein], Light performer for the Moon, LEA neighbor grant No. 15
Jo Williams, Light performer and co-worker with Mario
Haimrich Fredriksson, manager of Tuty´s production, sponsoring the Dark Side of the Moon tattoo by TuTys
Artefice Maximus, chief builder and scripter of the MOONREZZER
Art Blue, curator and architect of The Moon. Author of THE DICE.
Leop̶o̶l̶d̶  [leopold Zifer], got a lucky ticket in the afternoon as he got stuck in a Metaharper flight test between the passage from the SOULREZZER to CODE64.SPACE and the ambulance had to be called.

Region full messages appeared and passages in have been therefore denied. The Moonholders and players of THE DICE claimed the resources that SL1 can offer. Never before have been 14 bot Avatars in a play on a sim with 30.000 prims [14.600 on land, 15.500 in air]. Nevertheless the lag was quite low, which was the idea we wanted to get proof. A full real life inside the simulator can happen! Two players know it for sure, but this is another story.

In total during THE DICE arrived:

Visitors @ LEA14: LanaNewstrom Resident | 06of12 Resident | 10of12 Resident | 11of12 Resident | 12of12 Resident | 01of12 Resident | 07of12 Resident | 08of12 Resident | 04of12 Resident | 05of12 Resident | 09of12 Resident | RobinBanksy Resident | 03of12 Resident | 02of12 Resident | PatriciaAnne Daviau | Haimrich Fredriksson | Arrehn Oberlander | Chance Acoustic | Moewe Winkler | TheDove Rhode | Mario2 Helstein | Jo Williams | Jami Mills | nanki Hendes | SurrealDreaming Resident | leopold Zifer | paulla Baxton | ApolloBloond Resident | Fuschia Nightfire | snowbody Cortes | HOLALA Alter | WizardOz Chrome

THE DICE [chat log]

[13:38] Speaker:  THE DICE - STARTING NOW
[13:38] -:  HISTORIC PRELUDE ON THE STAGE [spoken by Canary Beck]
[13:38] Aurora Mycano (AuroraMycano Resident) is online.
[13:38] -:  How to please the public – that’s the test,
[13:38] -:  But nowadays I find I’m in a fix;
[13:38] -:  I know they’re not accustomed to the best,
[13:38] -:  But they’ve all read so much they know the tricks.
[13:38] -:  How can we give then something fresh and new
[13:38] -:  That’s serious, but entertaining too?
[13:38] -:  Goethe, Faust, Part I: Prelude On The Stage; first performed 1808
[13:39] -: 
[13:39] Plutarch Heavens:  Welcome audience the two players on the Moon who are ...
[13:39] -:  - ... there are no words, there will be never a word fitting as they are immortal. So just their names it shall be.
[13:39] Art Blue: arte help them to get on ladder spot
[13:39] Art Blue: blue is no one
[13:39] -:  Welcome the invisible artists of all times: Banksy and Lana Newstrom!
[13:39] -:  They will play THE DICE !!! THE DICE MUST FLOW!
[13:39] -:  Some of you, as not all are not coming from the future as I do, might not know how famous these two players will become. Like Leonardo, Rubens, Einstein, Andy and Art all in one. The reason: one of them today has to die for the glory of Art.
[13:39] -:  Who will be kept alive and who not will depend on you. The Audience counts. Team Dark Star Blue is assigned for Banksy and Team Dark Star Red for Lana.
[13:40] Banksy:  I know the outcome so I can relax.
[13:40] Lana:  I also know it and have already relaxed, more as old Banksy for sure.
[13:40] Plutarch Heavens:  No longer you may feel this way you both players of THE DICE as the rules have changed and you are kept in your seats tight by the fractal boots you wear.
[13:40] Banksy:  I dont wear the boots. I have it in my RP limits: No boots on me! The Gem Preiz fractal shoe I have fixed in my umbrella. ...
[13:40] -:  Oh dammed I can’t move the umbrella out of the boots.
[13:40] Now playing: 04 Faust - Prelude On The Stage spoken by Canary Beck 128
[13:40] -:  I should have known better as I heard Art Blue created at the Live Performers Meeting in Rome a guy named VJ Quantum.
[13:41] Lana:  Nor can I move. VJ Quantum you say? He got the dot com on it and there stands this VJ is using Quantum enlightenment making art and music driven by brainwaves.
[13:41] -:  I see a video where he wears an EPOC spider like helmet to decipher his thoughts to steer some prims.
[13:41] -:  I want out of this. Now! I might get visible on the spooky effect this VJ does.
[13:41] Plutarch Heavens:  sorry not possible on the revised TOS. You know the law. By logging in you accept the current TOS and for THE DICE there was an amendment. Just as you logged in you have been asked to accept the new TOS and you accepted.
[13:41] Art Blue: no one wants to play the blue, arte you may do?
[13:41] -:  And btw. it is called Quantum entanglement.
[13:41] Banksy:  Enlightenment or entanglement does not matter for me. I am here to fetch the prize.
[13:42] Lana:  Same for me. I was promised to get 100,000 Linden.
[13:42] Plutarch Heavens:  That might have no relevance as on a deleted player there is no way for a payment.
[13:42] Lana:  I feel tricked by this person named Art, this ugly old man who is kept alive only by his owl!
[13:42] Banksy:  smiles. I like this old guy. I was once featured in rez Magazine by him and you Lana looked in the article liked a stinky looser.
[13:42] Lana:  I am the famous one! Collectors pay million for my invisible art. Just Google it!
[13:43] Banksy:  Yes and my name is Paul Horner and I was arrested by City of London police. Do you believe this shit in the media?
[13:43] Lana:  of course I do, I get paid for the likes I generate on facebook.
[13:43] Plutarch Heavens:  Time for THE DICE. Throw it or I set the Moon on random.
[13:43] -:  ((Banksy and Lana will now throw the dice - look at the chess table made by Cherry Manga inside The Algebraist, the Blue Moon))
[13:43] Banksy:  let´s get it done.
[13:44] Banksy:  I throw ... four
[13:44] Lana:  I got … five!
[13:44] Art Blue: slinece snow, it is a theatre running! *smile welcome my friend
[13:44] Banksy:  Cheat! The rule is, I just checked the revised TOS. Ladies first in THE DICE, so for you are the four and for me the five points.
[13:44] Lana:  bullshit, there is no proof that you are male. I claim the five.
[13:44] Plutarch Heavens:  five for Lana and four points for Banksy.
[13:44] 01of12 Resident is online. -> First Moonholder bot is called to step in holding Nightmare of Bryn Oh
[13:44] 05of12 Resident is online.
[13:44] 03of12 Resident is online.
[13:44] 02of12 Resident is online. -> The dramatic stepping in on the surface of The Algebraist takes some time to complete so a preload of the four holders for Banksy makes sense.
[13:45] -:  Let the audience dream the art for you both.
[13:45] -:  Team Dark Star Blue, let your dreams for Banksy come true.
[13:45] -:  (( look around the stage – the Moonholders step in: Four pieces of art rezzes around the Moon … ))
[13:45] -:  Yeah …. Great work. The famous Bryn Oh, Nightmare is one of them.
[13:46] -:  Team Red: your dreams … yeah great. I see Maya Paris, The May Contain Fish, a masterpiece of all times.
[13:46] 04of12 Resident is online. -> The next loadings for Lana´s dream
[13:46] 07of12 Resident is online.
[13:46] 06of12 Resident is online.
[13:46] 09of12 Resident is online.
[13:46] 10of12 Resident is online.
[13:46] Plutarch Heavens:  Now the next dice may make it. Just three spots on the Moon are empty.
[13:47] -:  ((Banksy and Lana will throw the dice - you may look at them))
[13:47] Banksy:  I have …, shit just one!
[13:48] Lana:  yeah, I have three! I am the winner!
[13:48] Plutarch Heavens:  superbowl!
[13:48] Lana:  what is this?
[13:49] Plutarch Heavens:  I just got that this fight is copied to the superbowl life streaming. All TV stations are transmitting and the AD price is raising to platinium. We need to add a third round.
[13:49] Lana:  but there are just 12 holders and they are taken just by the three points I made! I am the winner!
[13:49] Plutarch Heavens:  Not when the AD industry steps in. Read the TOS!
[13:50] -:  To be continued …
[13:50] Plutarch Heavens:  Dear Audience: I´ll set the Moon on random art display during the AD is transmitted in the Hypergrid. You have paid for the seats and so your vision is AD free. About 20 artworks are shown in random order. Enjoy as long as the intermission takes.


Just click on the overview

Monday, 25 May 2015



Check out the program at LPM Rome 2015.
I will present on Saturday, May 30, at midnight at Sapienza University of Rome Faculty of Arts [Piazzale Aldo Moro] the machinima MOONREZZER by Wizardoz Chrome (8 min) and OBEDIENCE by Bryn Oh and Jo Ellsmere (4 min). The remaining time will be for THE SOULREZZER Personality Capture and Emulation - to read more about in

The presentation happend. You find it condensed in an iReport at CNN