Saturday, 17 January 2015



If you have contributed a piece of your work to VULCANICUS - the time capsule of art - then it is easy and you have to do nothing. Just tell Art Blue in what ways you like your work to be presented:

a) SHOW: Holding your art presented in the inner sphere by Art Blue, via „12 artholder avatars“, or by yourself or someone you authorise [no copy, no mod, no trans]
b) GIFT: Giving your art [no copy, no mod, no trans] to each visitors of the installment at LEA14 during the exhibition [ending June, 30, 2015]. The art will get visible later on the rezz-day of the visitor [once a year]. The other days it will stay hidden in a small moon, a thiny „Meles sphere“ [made by Giovanna Cerise].

c) If you want to take part as a new presenter, then ask for the VITruvian-Pose and the scripted „tiny Meles sphere“ that will hide the art inside when there is not the personal rezz-day [the script is set unter MIT/open licence].

Read also in facebook about the MOONREZZER: There will be many stories to tell about the MOON, about the art the MOON carries. Also about you walking on the MOON holding a piece of art into the sphere of SOLARIS that encapsulates the MOON. The story will be told by The Algebraist, the AI living in a core of ice in the center of the MOON where zero gravity is reported to exist. We dont know if the MOON is Meles II, but lets say it is as what else is Prof. Moriarty seeking for having company by the lovely Countess Regina Bartholomew he rezzed?

Art Blue speaks with Chance Acoustic, creator of the Room Ferrisquito, about the travel to The Moon. [Chess game made by Cherry Manga, Moon diamonds by Giovanna Cerise]

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