Sunday, 10 May 2015


WizardOz Chrome made a short video right away after May 7th. She told me she is working on a longer version now. Let´s see what will be her final version as I will present her machinima in the Grand Opening of the Life Performers Meeting 2015 which happens end of May in Rome. 

I feel honored that she actually shows in facebook the Moon proudly as her eyecatcher. You see in this picture the base level of the installment where the greeter by Yooma Mayo holds the capsule in hand where some of the guests made their trip to Meles II to reach this way the Moon. 

If you are not a regulary reader of rez, the Virtual Arts and Life Magazine, you may not know about Meles II. Therefore I give you a link to get to know more about "The Ship in a Bottle" ...

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