Tuesday, 5 May 2015


The MOONREZZER is a non-commercial project on LEA14 [map name] within SECOND LIFE to show some very first works of Digital Art made in prims and sculpts in a futuristic way and later to keep the installment alive on an opensource system, known as opensim. You may have heard of VULCANICUS and the FERRISQUITO room. The MOONREZZER fits to these projects. VULCANICUS is much bigger as the MOONREZZER as it spans over five sims on an opensim world reachable within the HYPERGRID network. The FERRISQUITO room is dedicated to some works made by Bryn Oh, a very well known artist and pioneer in virtual worlds.

The MOONREZZER was created on a grant by Linden Endowment for the Arts to show what is possible in- and outside SECOND LIFE using the provided technology - the technology of walkable Avatars in a metaverse. Maybe you have not heard that there is life outside SECOND LIFE, but there is. The reason is that Phil Rosedale as he started in 2002 set the software on BSD open licenze as he was using open source products. 
A copy of the MOONREZZER will be kept at Francogrid and at Metropolis grid and as well on a museal offline server by the IMMERSIVIA Foundation. This allows to show the installment on demand after the old SECOND LIFE [SL1] has come to an end. When this end happens is based on commerical reasons, not on an outdated technology. You may not know that this technology [SL1 - opensimulator] is in focus of MOSES [Military Open Simulator Enterprise Strategy], a project to use this type of metaverse in robust ways for a wide range of applications. In opensimulator versions is most times no payment system active which speaks for itself.

But as money is also needed for non-commerical projects we thought about "how to get some" but avoiding to let it look like a beggar. So ART A COIN was developed by Art Blue. If there is a future for ART A COIN we will see, for now it is just a way to get commissions on products we use. Art Blue knows the makers of such products in RL [real life] mostly from gatherings about virtual worlds and some congresses in this field. There is no guarantee for anything, changes in Virtual realms are the norm, but at least the makers are not "invisible" to him. He can reach them by Skype, email or phone. He knows about their educational background. Nevertheless the usual privacy aspect is kept. It will allways be on the makers to handle problems. Art Blue just offers to communicate to them when things look bad.

So here comes the vendor for Thoys BOT. If you need a bot in SECOND LIFE and you like Thoys BOT then please buy it via the vendor you find the landmark LEA14 or later at sim BROWN in a stall next to rez Magazine.

Open the vendor box by typing /1makeme2bot in open chat and pay 2.000 Linden. 500 Linden we get as commission we hand over to Relay for Life in SL.

Have fun!

Art Blue

Here you find a poster where you see nicely the bot speaking on the Moon :)

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