Thursday, 25 June 2015


To everyone on my friendslist ...

On June 29th I will face CODE64 which stands in my stories for the last day of life. The LEA grant ends on June 30, but you know on world time I have to die one day before, so 29th shall it be. You will get an invitation when I head to the Equilibrium. The article CODE64 in SPACE will be printed in rez Magazine when I don’t exist any longer. Grab a copy as a booklet at the MOONREZZER landing point at LEA14 now or read in ISSUU as a booklet PDF.

You get an umbrella with some magic in it when visiting me on the Moon for a photo. See the umbrella as a memory of old Art and use it whenever you want to wash old dust away. The umbrella and the script inside you get full perm for your personal use, don’t give it away. It is for you to color it nicely and to bring it to the end-of-day performance on June 29th.

There are not many days left to see the Moon at LEA14 in action before the installment moves to opensimulator to be kept there in an art museum. 

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish
Art Blue

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