Saturday, 5 September 2015


Today I will be again on a travel, stepping out of my fridge. I posted an iReport on this as even being in stasis I have communication running. I am more lucky as Commander Powell of Dark Star who has to wait until someone comes and speaks with him in the cryogenic ice chamber. You know from the movie it is Lt. Doolittle who talks with him about "The Bomb" that did not want to listen for new commands. Commander Powel said: "speak with the bomb, tell her phenomenology to stop her from counting down".
Unfortunately, Doolittle has mistakenly taught the bomb Cartesian doubt and, as a result, Bomb #20 determines that it can only trust itself and not external input. [Wikipedia]
So don’t trust external input and come with your avatar at 11.00 PDT SLT to the Art Gallery at sim Roissy Val DuOise. 

Who will be presented? Psst, you have to read ... and don´t tell others before you are there as the sim might be full and you can´t  enter then.

Here is the link to Relay of Life in SL mentioned in the iReport.

In case you meet my nurse Cassie Parker (nanki Hendes) wearing the legendary Dark Side of The Moon tattoo by TuTys ask her for a landmark for her first performance “9/11 Ground Zero” on Thursday, Sept. 10th, 7 PM PDT and get in rez Magazine a picture what will come up in her performance now 14 years after the attack.

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