Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Waiting for MOSES

What has THE MOON and MOSES in common? Why has Linden Lab decided not to upgrade Second Life? If software is no longer upgraded it will be gone in some time even when the manufacturer says "it will stay as it is for long". The name of the new Second Life will be SANSAR and things will be different, have to be different. So what happens with all the Art made by the inhabitants, by users, by creative minds in Second Life? That’s the idea of THE MOON. To care for these works "outside" - ON THE MOON.

And the idea of MOSES? 

An iReport I published was taken down as it happens recently often with sensitive stuff. MOSES stands for Military Metaverse. So I made a different posting smoothing things. Just click on the iReport that is no longer online and you get the other version - in terms of SL the PG rated one.  What makes me think strange is when you pass the threshold of seven readers news may become a threat. Fletchers visions starring Mel Gibson, you remember? As he was about to get subscriber No. 8 he was hunted down and all the seven readers of course! But that is Science Fiction, what I write about are facts ...

Waiting for MOSES

Tomorrow a new chapter in Opensim performance will be opened. There is a trick as you can´t really improve the opensimulator software keeping it compatible to old versions. The roots reach back to 2007 - in informatics quite a long time. In 2003 Philip Rosedal placed a software package called Second Life on-stage. He used components developed by Berkeley. That’s why Second Life was for long open source, to download by everyone, set under BSD license [Berkeley Software Distribution]. Linden Lab added the payment technology, that’s why you don’t get the code any longer. But opensimulator just comes without the Linden payments. That´s the deal. This type of virtual worlds will not end to run as long as operating systems like Windows and Linux will run even in some years by emulators and virtual machines.
I copy the first words, spoken tomorrow by the stage director, guiding through the performance at Hypergrid Net – Metropolis grid sim Futurelab:

Today we open a new chapter in time travel. Not only one chapter, indeed we open two. And both are unique. You will write history. With TRUEDEATH VOYAGE the brand new agency licenced by TSNKO himself you have the chance of the True Death and to witness the Resurrection of Art Blue. Wear your insurance police at left upper arm all the time. I will outline all the security stuff later. …”

Sure it is a theatre, but you would have said “it is just a theatre” to many products and ideas that came to market some short years ago, like Oculus Rift, or even to smartphones some five years ago, or to the Google car which has a - why not to say a - supercomputer inside. I was in the so called supercomputer business 30 years ago at Control Data. A supercomputer in 1985 needed a space like a dancing hall and the power consumption was huge. A supercomputer now is small and can be beautifully designed like the Apple watch and fits in every pocket.

But in opensimulator a supercomputer does not bring the “big bang”. The code is old, made for Windows XP. Now MOSES has stopped to bring new versions they develop back to the opensimulator group. MOSES: Military Open Simulator Enterprise Strategy moves aside, goes its own way in walkable virtual worlds. The task is to break the bottleneck of Avatars able to walk, to run and to fly in one region. To have 20 or 30 soldiers alive in a virtual world or even up to 70 is not enough; it needs a new way of code.

So a work around has to be found in opensimulator as the art community feels at home inside this software. And – we made it. Standing on one region looking into the other, to scene-in, to be in-stage is the new way. You need two regions, two sims, two simulators, placed in a grid structure as neighbors and up you go.

Join on Wednesday, Sept. 2nd at 12.00 PM PDT, which is GMT 20.00 and be there. Join in facebook the group Hypergrid Safari to get on your way ...

Of course the art world waits for MOSES, a simulator having no boundaries. Who being a stage director would not like to have 200 visitors or 2,000 or 2,000,0000 or let’s say “the world” where everyone is in-stage but also is free to roam around as freedom counts in virtual worlds.

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